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Name: Hank
Breed: Bulldog
Training: Residential Dog Training

Hank joined us for a 3-week residential stay to work on his reactivity to both humans and dogs. Hank lacked manners on the lead and would react to various things on a walk such as humans, dogs and cats. Hank’s challenges extended to causing disruptions at home with his brother, Axel.

hank's story - revolution dog training success story

During his stay, we prioritised transforming his fearful demeanour and unruly behaviour.
Our approach involved instilling lead fundamentals, teaching recall skills, and introducing placework applicable within the house. Recognising Hank’s nervous disposition, we first concentrated on building a positive rapport with him, a crucial step in addressing his unpredictable behaviour. Once we had built on this relationship we introduced a muzzle, because of his unpredictable nature and to ensure safety in enclosed spaces.
As Hank gained confidence, our training sessions transitioned to quieter environments, gradually progressing to busy public spaces. Notable locations such as the Springs Shopping Park, Roundhay Park, Otley Chevin, and Golden Acre Park served as dynamic settings to refine his newfound skills and acclimatise him to bustling surroundings.

The comprehensive training regime aimed not only at improving Hank’s behaviour but also at fostering a sense of security and confidence in various environments, both indoors and outdoors.

hank's story - revolution dog training success story (2)

At the time of Hank’s handover, the transformation was striking — he had evolved from a dog with his tail between his legs to proudly holding it high. His newfound confidence was evident, leaving his owner, Reece, pleasantly surprised by the positive change. In our upcoming one-to-one sessions, we’ll focus on reinforcing Reece’s confidence in walking Hank and navigating new environments, ensuring a harmonious coexistence with Hank’s brother, Axel. The sessions will also delve into the application of place work and structural techniques within the household, providing Reece with the tools to maintain a positive and structured environment for both dogs.

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