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Welcome to the heart of our canine-loving crew

Behind every successful tail wag and triumphant bark, there's a dedicated team passionate about shaping positive relationships between dogs and their owners. Get to know the team at Revolution Dog Training their faces and personalities that make up our dynamic dog training team.
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Michael Shepphard

Michael is one of the trainers here at Revolution Dog Training, having dogs nearly his entire life, but in the past 4 years really dove head first into the world of dog training and the mindset behind the dogs.
Meeting Madi at a dog sport show and then became part of the team shortly after, using the knowledge to help with client dogs.

We asked Mike for a brief run down of how he got into the training side of the dog world.

"After getting a German Shepherd which ended up being a very high drive working dog, the training side took a much more serious role. Starting to go to seminars to understand how to make sure the dog was getting the right outlets etc, it slowly started becoming a real part of my life. Which I couldn't have been more happy about! 4 years later I now have 1 Belgian Malinois and 1 Dutch Herder. I am very happy to now be able to share the skills I have learnt over the years and help others get the same enjoyment and pleasure out of their own dogs."
Social Media manager


Charlotte is the social media manager here at Revolution Dog Training, previously coming to Madi for some help regarding some behavioural problems and the rest is history.
Charlotte is in charge of all you see on our social media platforms and answering instagram and facebook messages.

We asked Charlotte if she is able to tell us how she got into the wonderful world of dogs.

"Growing up I was always desperate for a dog but my parents were never keen. At 18 I decided to take matters into my own hands and got my very own little cockapoo, Margot. Despite being absolutely in love with her, I quickly felt overwhelmed. I had no idea just how much work went into owning a dog and made it even harder for myself when I decided to get another one, Daisy, just 6 months later. I got in contact with Madi when Margot’s behaviour and over-excitement was getting too much and very quickly fell in love with the world of dog training.
My whole world revolves around my girls and I’m very passionate about giving dogs the best possible chance of living a long, happy and fulfilled life.
I am overjoyed to be the social media manager for Revolution Dog Training, it’s wonderful to see the progress our clients make and I feel very lucky to be a small cog in this machine.”

Charlotte is always on hand to help everyone and anyone she can, very welcoming and easy to talk to.

Join us in welcoming and apperceiving the hard work Charlotte puts into all the social media that everyone see's.
Nel - Revolution Dog Training


Introducing our talented videographer with a passion for capturing the unique journey of our dogs - Nel.

Nel has an innate passion for dogs and media which really shines through in her work. Beyond the lens, she shares her life with Lillie, a beloved spaniel who has been her loyal companion for 14 years!

With years of professional photography and videography experience, she brings a keen eye and a genuine love for dogs to every project. Immersed in the dynamic atmosphere of dog training, she finds joy in witnessing the transformation and dedication that goes into each dog's learning journey. Through her lens, she skilfully documents their growth, making each moment a lasting memory.

Nel says “I love seeing the progress and how hard people work with their dogs! Owners are so dedicated to their pets which is so nice to see.”

Join us in celebrating the artistry and dedication of our skilled visual storyteller.
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