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Name: Chico
Breed: German Shepherd
Training: Residential Dog Training

Chico joined us for a two-week residential course aimed at addressing his reactivity towards both humans and dogs. Our approach began by enhancing his food motivation to provide a foundation for reinforcing positive behaviours. We then focused on fundamental obedience, including down stays and loose lead walking. Initial training occurred in a controlled setting around other dogs before transitioning to real-world scenarios in busy local dog walking areas.

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In addition to this, we worked on Chico’s ability to settle in busy café environments. Prior to visiting these environments, we muzzle-trained him and then started by spending time at quieter cafes or visiting at quieter times of the day. We slowly built this time up so that Chico was relaxed, and this therefore meant he had a more relaxed response when in challenging environments.

Chico had not been let off-lead since he was a pup and prior to his stay, he had built up a lot of frustration as a result of being on the lead all of the time. To enable him to experience off-lead walks and lead a content and fulfilled life, we carefully conditioned Chico to various environments while being on the lead with careful guidance. Gradual conditioning allowed Chico to experience positive experiences, facilitating his transition to off-leash adventures while maintaining a high level of obedience.

By the end of the course, Chico’s transformation was evident, showcasing not only improved behaviour but also a newfound joy and confidence in navigating the world around him. This holistic approach was not just aimed at training Chico but also aimed to enrich Chico’s overall well-being and enhance the bond between him and his owners.

Included in our residential courses are three one-to-one follow-up sessions and Chico’s owner, Lorna, had the primary objective to confidently take Chico to the beach off-lead. Remarkably, we achieved this goal during the handover when Lorna collected Chico. The subsequent two one-to-one sessions were dedicated to exploring Roundhay Park and a busy local cafe. These outings served as opportunities to guide Lorna in handling Chico effectively in diverse settings, seamlessly transferring the skills he acquired during his stay with us.

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