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one to one dog training program
What is it?

Highly Personalised Dog Training Programme

Our one-to-one courses represent a highly personalised training programme, wherein one of our skilled trainers dedicates exclusive attention to you and your dog. This bespoke approach is meticulously tailored to the specific needs of your furry companion. During these sessions, your trainer delves into addressing unique challenges and homes in on specific goals that align with your dog's individual requirements. The primary objective is to empower you as an owner, providing valuable insights into effective communication with your pet. Through this personalised guidance, you'll not only witness the transformation in your dog's behaviour but also gain a deeper understanding of how to foster a strong and communicative bond with your beloved companion.
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how does it work?

Our one-to-one courses are available in flexible blocks of either 3 or 5 sessions, allowing you to choose the option that aligns with the specific needs and goals you have for your dog. Whether you prefer a more condensed programme or a more comprehensive approach, we tailor our services to accommodate the number of sessions that best suit your training requirements.
one to one dog training sessions
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