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Intense Training Days

Valuable Alternative to Residential Stays

Our Intense Training Days is a intensive dog training course that is a valuable alternative to full residential stays but offer more intensive training than a one-to-one course.

By entrusting your dog to us for a day of intensive training, we dedicate focused efforts to address specific goals. This tailored approach enables our trainer to work closely with your dog, addressing individual needs and laying a solid training foundation. Whether it's refining obedience, addressing behavioural challenges, or enhancing socialisation skills, our day training programme is designed to provide a concentrated, impactful learning experience. It's an effective way to kickstart the training process before you confidently take the lead – quite literally – ensuring a smoother transition and setting the stage for long-term success in your dog's development.
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how does it work?

Our intensive dog training days are designed to be adaptable, ranging from one to five days based on the specific needs and expectations for your dog. Your trainer will assess your dog's requirements and discuss your training goals with you. They will then recommend a number of days necessary to effectively address those goals and get you on the road to achieving the desired results. This option of training programme ensures that the intensity and duration of the training align closely with your dog's learning pace alongside the outcomes you aim to accomplish.
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