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Name: Stella
Breed: German Shepherd
Training: Intense Training Days

Stella successfully completed a 5-day intense training programme to focus on enhancing her recall skills. Stella had found a love for chasing squirrels and had left her parents feeling nervous about having her off lead.

stella's story - revolution dog training success story

Whilst assessing Stella’s needs, we noted that her family included 2 children and a pram so whilst in training with us we refined Stella’s ability to walk politely on the lead. Over the course of these 5 days, our dedicated efforts were concentrated on reinforcing loose lead walking and refining her recall. Stella is now enjoying her off-lead freedom and walking politely next to her family pram, giving her family peace of mind and allowing Stella to have the freedom that we all want for our dogs.

If you are struggling with recall or loose lead walking, get in contact here. Always keep your dog on lead to keep them and yourselves safe until their recall is 100%. We like the Supa Grip Pro Leads from CIK9 for all our training leads and if you use code revolution10 at checkout you get 10% off your order.

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