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Welcome to the heart of our canine-loving crew

Behind every successful tail wag and triumphant bark, there's a dedicated team passionate about shaping positive relationships between dogs and their owners. Get to know the faces and personalities that make up our dynamic dog training team.
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I am a dedicated member of the team with a lifelong passion for canine companionship. I grew up with Charlie, my chocolate Labrador who was the most reliable and trustworthy dog I’ve ever met. We spent time going to puppy training and Obedience classes and he was taken around countless agility courses that I’d made in the garden! This is where my love of dogs started and he will always hold a special place in my heart. Fast forward a couple of years and we were joined by Dottie, an English Springer Spaniel who, needless to say, had far more energy than our lab! Dottie was like a whirlwind who entered our home, requiring much more training. Again, we attended numerous dog training classes and took her to Agility class once a week for further fulfilment. This instilled in me a commitment to ensuring the well-being and harmony of our dogs.

My journey in dog training delved deeper when I introduced Modzi, my beloved dog, to the world of obedience. What started as a personal commitment to Modzi's socialisation evolved into a genuine love for the art of dog training. As my interest grew, I was hooked on expanding my knowledge on the theory and intricacies of canine behaviour.

My goal is to create a world where both dogs and their humans thrive in harmony. At Revolution Dog Training, we're dedicated to transforming the lives of pets and owners through expert guidance and a genuine love for the art of dog training.
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Introducing our talented videographer with a passion for capturing the unique journey of our dogs - Nel.

Nel has an innate passion for dogs and media which really shines through in her work. Beyond the lens, she shares her life with Lillie, a beloved spaniel who has been her loyal companion for 14 years!

With years of professional photography and videography experience, she brings a keen eye and a genuine love for dogs to every project. Immersed in the dynamic atmosphere of dog training, she finds joy in witnessing the transformation and dedication that goes into each dog's learning journey. Through her lens, she skilfully documents their growth, making each moment a lasting memory.

Nel says “I love seeing the progress and how hard people work with their dogs! Owners are so dedicated to their pets which is so nice to see.”

Join us in celebrating the artistry and dedication of our skilled visual storyteller.
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