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Name: Fenton
Breed: Labrador
Training: Intense Training Days

Fenton successfully completed a 3-day intense training programme to focus on enhancing his recall skills and loose lead walking. Fenton had become a ‘nightmare to walk’! His lead manners were none existent and he would go and say hello to EVERY dog, whether they were friendly or not meaning it became dangerous to let him off of the lead!

Throughout the intense training days we worked hard and made great progress on laying the correct foundations to heel walking and recall. On the final day, we completed a handover session with his dad to show him how to keep progressing with Fenton’s training.

We followed up with regular one-to-one lessons where we would set different homework each week and these guys have gone strength to strength since!

intense training

Fenton is now loving life with great recall and a lovely walk to heel.

He recently joined our Obedience Club so he can continue to improve and learn new skills! Keep an eye on our Instagram to watch his further progress!

Jordan says: “My 1 year old fox-red Labrador was becoming a nightmare to walk due to being so strong pulling on the lead. Nothing we were doing was working so I decided to go with Madi for the 3 day intensive training. When I had him back after the 3rd session he was like a new dog. Madi is very knowledgeable, friendly and very reasonably priced for the quality of training. I would 100% recommend.”

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