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Revolutionising the way dogs and their owners connect and communicate.

Our founder, Madison Barraclough, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the forefront of our training programs. With a lifelong dedication to dogs and several years of professional training experience, Madi has encountered a diverse range of behavioural issues, which has made her exceptionally skilled at understanding and addressing the unique needs of every dog.
Our Story

Madison Barraclough

As the founder of Revolution Dog Training, I’d like to introduce myself. Before dedicating myself to dog training full-time, my journey in the dog world took me to the highest levels of competition available in Flyball. Believe it or not, I started competing at only 9 years old! I competed on a global stage and achieved prestigious titles at Crufts and the British Flyball Association Championships, - all while breaking records along the way. This competitive background has instilled a sense of discipline, perseverance, and a winning spirit that I bring to my dog training endeavours.

My journey with dogs isn't limited to training. I am also an active participant in the sport of PSA (Protection Sports Association). My partner in this journey is my two year old Belgian Malinois, Koda. Together, we have already achieved our Protection Dog Certificate and are now working towards our Level 1 and 2 certification.
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Our Story

I'm here to help

If you're facing any unwanted behavioral issues or simply want to expand your skill set, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

My primary goal is to help dogs and their owners develop a positive and harmonious relationship. I want to ensure that both dog and owner have a fulfilling and enjoyable experience with us and go on to lead a happier and more relaxed lifestyle. My aim is to create well-behaved, happy, and confident dogs while educating owners on effective communication and training techniques.
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